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Tree Services Vale of Glamorgan

Welcome to JV Tree Services. We offer many services including tree services Vale of Glamorgan. We are Arboricultural Contractors, Firewood and Kindling Specialists. JV Tree Services is a family run business established in 1983 and boasts over 30 years experience.

We offer Tree Felling, Woodland Thinning, Site Clearance, Stump Removal, plus lots more.

We are proud to be Local Authority Approved and Highly Qualified and Insured.

JV Tree Services have produced firewood from day one, and have gained a reputation for producing and supplying high quality seasoned firewood in various quantities. JV Tree Services are proud to have a list of clientele who use their services year in year out, as well as new customers every year whose demands are always met.

The business has always been family run and always will be,  with the addition of local highly qualified employees.

It all began due to caring out of woodland management throughout the Vale of Glamorgan to remove all dead elms due to disease (Dutch elm disease) which struck in late 70′s early 80′s.

By 1983 the proprietor had gained a number of qualifications, skills and more importantly experience, this allowed him to progress and establish the business in October 1983.