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JV Tree Services offer the following Tree Services:
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Dangerous Tree Work is what we specialise in! The removal of these trees in dangerous situations. This includes over hanging trees, dead trees, damaged trees or trees which are within close proximity to buildings, roads or utilities. These trees have usually failed due to natural decay and rot.
Tree pruning involves selective removal of parts of the tree, it is simply general maintenance of the tree.
Crown Lifting is the removal of the lower branches to a given height – this type of work is very common for us in relation to work carried out for the local authorities, and it helps with access to pedestrians and vehicles.
Pollarding is the removal of all upper branches, this in turn promotes a dense head of foliage and branches. This is usually carried out as a last resort to damaged trees and is a procedure which is carried out regularly by us.
Dead wooding is the removal of all dead wood (branches) from the tree. Carried out in order to reduce risk from falling dead wood onto members of the public, vehicles and buildings – this is again a common procedure carried out with local authority and trees in close proximity to public access
Crown Reduction involves reducing the height and/or spread of a tree by selectively cutting back branches to reduction points.
Tree Felling / Removal is the complete removal of the tree in one section depending on space availability
All commercial work is undertaken including all trees and vegetation removal. This can include all site clearance, access paths and boundary clearance.
We would remove the tree in a number of sections due to space limitations – this is the most common practice for us!
We provide a general health check of your trees, similar to us going to the doctors for a health check!
Stump Grinding uses one of our modern pieces of equipment/machinery, it removes tree stumps by means of a rotating disk with ‘teeth’ attached that chip away the stump and surrounding roots which prevents any disturbance to the surrounding area.
If a stump is still remaining and due to its location cannot be stump ground out it can be chemically treated to prevent any re-growth which would result in all the root structure dying off and causing no future hazard. Usually used where stump grinding is not or cannot be used. This system is done through an Eco-plug system which has no risk to animals or general public.
All undertaken through storm damage, tree failure etc.
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